High Performance Mindset


Since working with Brett, Lachlan’s confidence and results have improved in leaps and bounds.” international Ski Racer.

“Brett had helped me develop a high performance mindset and to establish the one percenters to make me a better footballer and person” Player at Sydney FC.

The mind is extraordinarily powerful, and if we can understand how to utilize it as a tool toward greater performance, team spirit, self-belief, skills application, team culture and results, then you will create a High Performance Mindset. This mind transition around awareness, thinking, belief and focus will impact players, coaches, team culture and organisations in the sporting world incredibly.

bbfc_logo“Sport has the potential to provide many positives influences on one’s life. This book provides a road map which will help readers find those benefits. Brett’s deep knowledge has its foundations in many years of real life experience combined with focused learnings. His insights into what makes young people tick and his easy style enable him to communicate messages to benefit all aspects of life. I recommend Sports MindSHiFT to anyone seeking to be the best that they can be.” Peter Burgess, President Bonnet Bay FC.

 Rockdale-Ilinden-Logo-Final-e1493946045403“Brett’s approach to the problem solving is enlightening and insightful, as it is delivered with simplicity and with a powerful messages reinforcing the need to develop a mindset that embraces fluid growth where meeting challenges is a good thing; belief in the concept that greater effort leads to achieving desired results; and that acceptance of constructive feedback will promote learning and growth.” Paul Vergotis, Rockdale City Suns FC


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