Athletes in Transition

Transitioning from playing sport at a high level, into a “normal” life is full of many challenges and surprises. This is true at any level, but heightened in an individual when for a number of years their life has been consumed with an elite sport, accolades, performance success, intense training schedules, travel, team connection and forever changing environments.


To settle down into a new way of living after playing and performing at this level is complex, chaotic, unfamiliar and challenging. For many is creates fear, anxiety, confusion and even depression, as a person identity is shaken and reshaped. At the very least, all experience an empty space in their world, that needs to be filled, directed and understood.

At Sports MindSHiFT we are passionate about seeing athletes at this level, and every level, transition into their new season of life in such a way that that can truly flourish. Through conversations and observation with athletes we have identified 3 key areas that we believe need to be worked through, to ensure an athlete transitions well into the next season of their life. I am convinced that this is something we all want for our athletes, friends and family.


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