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3_dim_playerSkills and knowledge will get a player so far, and some further than others, but at some point, if this is all they develop they will end up stuck in their own development.

I believe there are three critical dimensions to player development at every level of the game; competency, connection and mindset. The competency piece is about knowledge, fitness, experience and positional play. It focuses on the skills development in a player. It is very important part of player development because without competency development, a player stops growing and going to the next level. The other two areas that I believe are underutilized and under prioritized in developing players is connection and mindset. To be the complete player, all three are critical.

What we will explore are 4 key core competencies in both connection and mindset, specifically relating to player development.

CONTENT OVERVIEW: Connection development: covering these 4 core competencies: 1/ Connection & Building Trust 2/ Communication & Conflict 3/ Team dynamics & influence 4/ Strengths based contribution. Mindset Development: covering these 4 core competencies: 1/ Behaviour awareness 2/ the Growth Mindset 3/ Empowered beliefs  4/ Focus & resilience

smsstepsIf a player struggles to make good connection, communicate clearly, influence others and contribute effectively in the team, they is not developing completely, and the impacts of this will be evident in performance and longevity. If a player has little awareness around behaviour, attitude, mental toughness and focus, they are also not developing fully.

Often called the best woman soccer player in the world, Mia Hamm says she was always asked, “Mia, what is the most important thing for a soccer player to have?” With no hesitation, she answered, “Mental toughness.” And she didn’t mean some innate trait. When eleven players want to knock you down, when you’re tired or injured, when the referees are against you, you can’t let any of it affect your focus. How do you do that? You have to learn how. “It is,” said Hamm, “one of the most difficult aspects of soccer and the one I struggle with every game and every practice”

Developing players who have a great understanding and application of these three elements of performance is critical to the ongoing success and significance of sport around the world.

A player can learn skills, knowledge and tactics from experience and through great technical and knowledgeable coaches around today. When you look through most coaching courses though, the curriculum is 99% skills, drills, structure and tactics learning. Very little, if any at all, of the learning focuses on the other two elements I believe it takes to be a great coach, leadership and mindset.

Sports MindSHiFT focuses passionately on the second two critical elements of player and coach development. In this stream for players, that’s connection and mindset, and through our other stream for coaches its leadership and mindset.






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