The Culture Edge

Culture is the internal rhythms of a team, organisation or club that create and direct everything else. If the culture is bad, corrupt, ineffective, unclear or unknown, it will negatively impact everything else, including performance. The most effective way to influence, handle complexity, navigate change, create success and leave a legacy, is through culture.

img_1881High Performance Culture: It is made up of environment, vision, values, attitude and purpose. Culture reflects WHY you exist, WHAT you stand for and HOW you want to be known by those around you.  Culture is caught more than it is taught. It is experienced more than it is seen on a wall. It is felt more than it is heard. It is all of the above, combined and joined together, accessing and touching all the senses. It has many external expressions, but gets its life, energy and direction internally.   The creation, development and alignment of a high performance culture is paramount in developing great teams, organisations and clubs. Culture is EVERYTHING.



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